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Slowdown in favorable adjustment of industrial structure of the tire industry

After experiencing a financial crisis spread around the world, the global economic recovery surviving uncertainty lurking long debt crisis at a time when they also are the trend of the outbreak. Once the debt crisis in the worldwide outbreak, most likely repeat of the 2008 financial crisis on the global economy caused a massive hit. In the case of the intricacies of the current domestic and international economic situation, China will continue to implement a prudent monetary policy and proactive fiscal policy to slow down the growth rate of China's GDP, let economic development "Wenzhongqiujin the" eat, to the development of our industry a reassurance. Indeed, China's economy in the past, the pace is too fast, although the national economy as a whole to take off, but also overlooked some problems in the development process.
Relying on the prosperity of the automotive market in China, the pace of development of the tire industry in China has been very fast. However, since the beginning of this year, China's tire industry seems also intend to slow down, to adapt to the country's policy-oriented. The increase since last year, from the market point of view of the raw material of the tire industry, rubber industry has declined 10 percent, the market price of rubber raw materials are gradually fall. Although the rubber market prices fall due to many reasons, but we can not deny the significant reduction in demand in the tire industry, rubber raw materials is one of the important reasons.
The slowdown in the development of the tire industry on the one hand to follow the national macroeconomic regulation and control, on the other hand, is the inevitable choice of China's tire industry development. The high-speed growth in the past to cover up the many contradictions in the development process, overcapacity led to the backlog of inventory has been troubled by the issue of the development of China's tire industry. The resulting vicious price competition not only disrupted the market order, but also affect the healthy development of China's tire industry. Pointed out that China's tire industry, the current growth rate should be slowed down as the adjustment of the industrial structure to solve the structural overcapacity, the opportunity to stabilize the market order to take advantage of the overall market in the fall, when able to sort out development to the next market outbreak arrival before to Must Prepare avoid once again caught in the quagmire of low-price competition.
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