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Domestic tire enterprises should actively explore the winter market

Winter snow weather will be driving a great deal of inconvenience, there are certain requirements of automobile tires. With the cooler weather, the northern region in October after the temperature will fall significantly. As we all know, the rubber of this material in a low temperature environment will gradually harden, flexibility and extensibility will be weakened, some the tire even cracking phenomenon. Therefore, designed for traffic safety in the low temperature environment of winter tires.
Tire flexibility not just in low-temperature environments affected more slippery icy weather pavement, tire skid resistance and grip have great test. In general, automobile factory assembly original tires are all-season tires, in the general case, this kind of tire basically able to cope with the common road of the city, but this tire relative to the elastic or slightly less than winter tires, tires the non-slip texture of the surface is shallow. Winter tires than just deepened tread lines enhanced tire skid rubber formulation production of winter tires have a big difference with ordinary tires. In general, winter tires was added in the production process of the silicon, such formulations greatly improved flexibility, toughness of a tire, while also enhancing the tire grip, especially when traveling on snow, this tire. General Tire from the adhesion larger.
With the continuous improvement of the living standards of our people, China has become the world's largest auto market. The huge market efficiency has also attracted the world's leading tire manufacturing companies to participate in China's tire market competition.  pointed out that, from China's tire market, winter tire main mainly to foreign brands, the market share of the domestic tire enterprises winter tires. Partly because these relatively well-known foreign brands, has been very popular in the market, on the other hand there are still some of the gap compared with foreign countries because the concept of conservation of the domestic auto, a car for winter tires in winter this concept not very common. However, I believe that with the increasing popularity of the concept of car maintenance, the domestic winter tire market demand is still very large, domestic tire enterprises should be the depth of excavation of a market driven consumer products, and to promote the popularity of the concept of consumption, the concept of promoting market formed before the formation of the large market, well prepared to compete.
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