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The wheels roll into the green era, effectively promote the efficient developmen

At present, the world tire industry has entered the the efficient development stage, industrial patterns in the development of high-level, green technology and design, and embodies the sense of social responsibility has become the strategic points of the tire companies, tire companies in China should firmly seizedevelopment trends in the field of environmental protection, to show their own brand of charm.
 if we have to give the green tire paste logo should have: fuel consumption, slippery road grip, emission levels, rolling noise, stability and handling these aspects of performance tire technology development direction and coordination of industrial and ecological coexistence, the cycle of economic and social value of good. This year, the European Union has implemented a mandatory tire labeling regulations, which guarantee a certain extent the environmental and economic benefits of green tire technology investments, and the era of the new label in the world within will give us more than 15% of the market share, good prospects worthy.
With the green tire rolled into efficient era, the world's tire businesses and consumers pay more attention to the energy consumption as well as the safe use of the tire deadline, pay more attention to the maintenance of green performance and the use of new materials. Green tire has been able to maintain a steady growth from the market, good performance stretch, low rolling resistance brought low fuel consumption, low heat, comfort is concerned about the main points; design, tire mold tread design and tire structure and material of the tire rolling resistance, that have a significant impact on energy consumption, improve on the important issue of corporate R & D in this area technology. Tire companies in China should improve performance in the field of research and development in the green, to improve the face of scientific and technological content, products, brand value and value-added products in the corresponding appreciation of space.
Now, a lot of new energy vehicles, the development of green tires will stop these novel concept-car's awkward stage, into the large-scale commercialization process, can also promote the balanced development of the green tire industry, so the green tire industry is free to run in the front of the future broad market, gallop forward.
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