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EU enacted new laws and regulations, China's tire industry, how to avoid trade

China tire manufacturing power, tire export country. Of tire production in the international market has been due to lower processing costs have a significant price advantage. The scale of China's tire industry, annual production growth is maintained at more than 20 percent. Tire products including cars, trucks, bicycles, tires, and so on, about half of the country's annual production is for export, China's tire industry is a very large dependence on foreign industries.
In 2009, due to the impact of the financial crisis, the United States for the protection of the interests of the domestic tire industry, through a "safeguard" for China's tire exports substantial increase in tariffs on Chinese tires into the U.S. market, to the development of China's tire industry caused a huge blow. The Chinese tires stressed, before this, the United States is the largest market for China's tire exports, and it is because of the "special protection" for China's tire products to build trade barriers, China is basically all tire companies withdrew from the U.S. market. Few years of the entry into force of the special protective case at the same time, China's tire exports to encounter resistance, many of the original to the United States as the main market of the tire companies have cut production to eke out profits. This year, the "safeguard" finally expires, China's tire industry has finally ushered in the opportunity to develop the U.S. market from scratch.
Since November of this year, the EU tire labeling law will be formally implemented. The tire products sold in the EU as a newly adopted regulations, strict requirements. The European market is the second largest export market in the tire industry in China is also the most stringent market supervision market. The same time, the EU countries, the rise of China's economic vigilance psychology, coupled with the relatively closed European market phase for the United States, pointed out that in China tire network tire industry in China should learn from U.S. "safeguard" the experience, the positive response to the promulgation of the EU tire labeling law, from their own good, to comply with industry regulations in other countries to avoid trade friction, not to allow the export of China's tire encounter barriers to trade again.
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