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Domestic tire to return to the United States to rely on the price advantage is n

After China's accession to the WTO, the export trade of various industries greatly improved, but at the same time, the integration of the world economy is also exacerbated by the economic crisis may be the risk of outbreaks. The 2008 financial crisis sweeping the globe, the economic development of countries have suffered a serious blow. In the case of economic development setbacks, trade protectionism, trade frictions between countries frequent, due to political reasons, the anti-dumping cases brought against China's exports also very.
China is a manufacturing country of "Made in China" has become a business card, has been widely welcomed in the international market with inexpensive, many countries set up trade barriers of our products manufactured in the grounds of anti-dumping, and serious damage to the principles of free trade in the international market. In 2009, the U.S. anti-dumping cases brought against China's tire industry's favor on the tire industry in China caused a serious blow. U.S. tire special safeguard case the profitability of China's tire exports have declined substantially, so that the tire companies in China only a short time to give up the U.S. market, and this resulted in a decrease in tire manufacturing industry in China market turnover, earnings shrink some companies start by reducing the scale of production, layoffs to weather the crisis. Therefore, in the past few years, the development of China's tire industry is a lot of resistance, the pace of development is very slow. This year, the United States against China tire special safeguard case immediately expire, the U.S. trade protectionism for their tire products also come to an end, the tire industry in China is also actively preparing to return to the United.
From the current situation of the development of China's tire industry, experienced appreciation of the renminbi, the price advantage of the processing costs to improve China's tire industry has not even evident. China's tire industry to regain the price the U.S. market has not realistic, so the domestic tire industry should actively do their homework on the product quality, technological content of products. Believe that the United States market to re-open, and will bring new opportunities for the development of China's tire industry.
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